Establishing and executing a detailed Preventative Maintenance Plan may be the most important step in protecting your building or property. As buildings age, building systems and structures deteriorate if they are not properly maintained.

A properly tailored Preventative Maintenance Plan for your building could save you thousands of dollars in ongoing repairs and eliminate the need for surprise replacement of building systems or components. Ask us how a tailored preventative maintenance program can help your building or property.

We provide:

  • Preventative maintenance program
  • Energy management programs
  • Building optimization programs
  • Janitorial services
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Routine property inspections
  • 24 hour emergency response

Finance Management

Your asset financial needs are a priority to both you and us. PAMC understands the importance of protecting the owners’ investment in the property. As a result, all financial affairs are dealt with in an efficient and organized manner. With our computerized reporting system we guarantee all records to be accurate. 

  • Monthly and annual financial statements and reports
  • Budget forecast and preparation
  • Collection of rents and deposits
  • Insurance placement and tax reporting
  • Accounts payable
  • Maintenance of books and records
  • Maintenance of trust account in your buildings name
  • Contracts tendering
  • Lease administration
  • Execution of all tenant and lease negotiations and renewals


By means of professional and timely administration processes, the overall operations are able to run fluently and cohesively. By utilizing consistent procedures and policies we are able to ensure all routine reports and statements are distributed as required.

Our administrative system is designed to minimize tenancy/vacancy issues; with an effective marketing program for vacancy situations and a screening process that enables us to find the best suitable tenants.

We provide:

  • Computerized financial reporting
  • Annual budget preparation and tracking
  • Periodic variance analysis
  • Management reports
  • In-depth screening process for all prospective tenants; residential & commercial

Operations Management

Daily and regular operation programs streamline procedures to ensure all units and properties are well kept in both appearance and function. Regular site inspections reduce unforeseen costs by finding and solving problems before they occur. Regular in-office reviews make sure all licenses, taxes, and insurance needs are in order.

Our years in the industry have allowed us to create relationships with exclusive, well-respected vendors and service suppliers, ensuring you get the best services and products at a competitive price all the time.

  • Negotiate services contracts
  • Handle maintenance service requests
  • 24 hour emergency response line
  • Physical property inspections
  • Insurance evaluation inspections
  • Property tax evaluation review & appeals

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