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Landlord/Agent: Pacific Asset Management Corporation

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This is my/our notice to advise you that I/we will be vacating the above premises on:

THE TENANCY SHALL END AT 1:00pm in the afternoon on the last day of term. Notice of termination shall be in writing and be given on or before the last day of a calendar month, to take effect on the last day of an ensuing calendar month. Should the Tenant vacate prior to the end of the Lease Term they will be charged $125.00 Administration Service charge. Please note the Tenant will remain fiscally responsible for the remainder of the Lease while the unit remains vacant. Should the unit be unable to be rented, additional charges may be added to cover the cost of advertising, interviewing and administration.

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In order to rent the suite, I/we give my/our permission for you, the Landlord and/or your Agent, to enter the suite for the purpose of viewing by prospective new tenants. (s. 29 Residential Tenancy Act – RTB 107)

Dated this 05 day of February, 2023.


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