Residential Tenancy Application

Please note that stared fields are required to process your application.

All units must be viewed with a PAMC representative prior to submitting an application. Please make sure the application is completely filled out. Applications with missing information may have delay in processing. Allow 2 – 3 business days for complete applications to be processed.

All information collected on this application is used for the purpose of completing a background and/or credit history check. You will be asked to present two pieces of identification as part of the verification process. All information collected is kept in strict confidence and is held in a secured and confidential location. All applications not accepted will be destroyed upon rejection. We do not keep any previous applications on file.

This document does not form a “Tenancy”, it is an offer to rent subject to the Landlords approval based on information supplied and other possible applications and offers pending.

Section A

I/We, the undersigned, herein also known as the applicant, herby offer to rent residential premises in British Columbia known as:

Section B

Pacific Asset Management Corporation (“PAMC”) #301 – 1124 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver, BC V7M 2H1, and if the applicant accepted, will enter into the Residential Tenancy Agreement shown to me/us, which I/we have had an opportunity to examine. This offer is subject to acceptance by PAMC and is open for acceptance for FIVE business days, ending at 4:00pm following the date herein.

If the applicant fails to enter, or proceed with the Residential Tenancy Agreement after the offer is accepted, the applicant may be held liable for payment of the equivalent of one month’s rent to the Landlord. If the application is accepted, a security deposit in the amount of one half of the month’s rent will be required within FIVE business days of application completion date or before possession, whichever occurs first.

It is agreed and understood by the parties that Pacific Asset Management Corporation is not a stakeholder in the transaction by receiving the Security Deposit and that the security deposit may be released to the Landlord. It is agreed that rent is payable promptly in advance by the first day of every month.

Section C

Applicant Details
Current Address

Section D - Employment Information

If Applicant is currently not working or has limited work history they may supply the following information to Head Office, for proof of financial capacity. Approved information: Financial Bank Statement, most recent T4, Employment Letter from employer, Payslip from most recent paycheque* must be within past 30 days)

Section E - Personal References

List 2 personal references, not related to you

Section F - Other Occupants

Full names of all OTHER ADULT persons (age 19 or older) to occupy the premises
Full names of all MINOR persons (age 18 or younger, including infants) to occupy the premises


Please type word "YES" in all boxes to indicate you have read each statement and are in agreement.

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